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Welcome to our Consignment Centre

Fully AMVIC licensed and Consignment bonded. Fully fenced in compound.
Great exposure on HWY 16A and Boulder Blvd.

What is Consignment?
Simply put, consignment is allowing someone to sell something for you. Consign and Sell in Stony Plain Alberta offers a consignment service to sell your used Vehicle or RV for you. If you are looking for your Vehicle or RV to be sold hassle free then consignment is perfect for you.

Spare Yourself the Hassle

Consign and Sell wants to get you top dollar for your used Vehicle or RV. Our sales staff knows your time is valuable – having to deal with the marketing, negotiations and headaches of trying to sell your Vehicle or RV is something that you may want to leave to the professionals, contact us today!
  • When figuring out the price and how much you want for your Vehicle or RV, we will use our years of experience and third party sources

  • We will then share our market analysis and pricing suggestions to get you the most possible for your Vehicle or RV

  • Pay a one time non refundable consignment fee. This covers the inspection, Carfax, lien search and advertising fees
  • Consign and Sell advertises consignments on our website, CarGurus, Facebook marketplace and Kijiji with pictures and information about your Vehicle or RV

  • Consign and Sell completes an AMVIC (Mechanical Assessment) inspection, Carfax and Lien search

  • Consign and Sell offers the Buyer Financing. We assist the buyer by utilizing several lenders in purchasing your Vehicle or RV.

  • Consign and Sell has several professional sales representatives who provide the buyer with all the information they require to purchase your Vehicle or RV
  • Give your Vehicle or RV a thorough cleaning both inside and out

  • Clean out ALL personal items. As the Vehicle or RV can be purchased and taken at any time

  • Fix any small problems you are aware of